Please don’t hate me because I is human

So I logged onto the the old interweb on Sunday morning in an easter egg induced state of sugar drunkeness.  I was going through my normal morning routine of checking my e-mails and ensuring all was right with the world, but it wasn’t.  There, in my inbox was a comment in moderation and judging by the time of the comment 11:16p.m. on Saturday evening I would imagine the comment had come from a none to happy person.  The person in question was making a recipe I posted at Christmas time for an improvised dessert I came up with on Christmas morning just gone.  You see I was hosting Christmas and with all of the house cleaning, decorating, present wrapping, grocery shopping, pudding making and turkey bathing (yes I meant to type the word bathing there) I had left myself a little short on time to make dessert.  So, on Christmas morning I found myself with half an hour in which to make a trifle (because you have to have trifle for the daddy on Christmas day you see) plus another offering to please the rest of the guests.  It was this half hour window that led to an error whilst jotting down an improvised recipe (which turned out rather yummy let me tell you), an error that was later transcribed to the blog and unfortunately was not flagged up until someone attempted the recipe and was faced with too much of one thing and not enough of another.  Unfortunatley it is human nature to make such errors from time to time.  For the most part I post recipes that have been knocking around for a long time and I just simply transcribe to the blog but, from time to time I will probably post something of a more Blue Peter nature.  In either case if I make an error I can only apologise.  If you do spot something wrong please let me know in a comment and I will rectify STAT.  I know it is no good to you if you are up to your elbows in flour and spot something that doesn’t quite add up but as I say I will rectify any such boo boos with great haste to help others avoid the same fate.  This blog is kinda like a journal of my baking escapades and as with scribbled and scrawled, hidden under the mattress diaries I can sometimes be a little over zealous when hammering away on the keyboard and a little too eager to hit ‘post’.  Please don’t hate me for my sometimes overly busy rushed life, coupled with my extreme enthusiasm for all things baked, and for the love of Jeebus please don’t punish the poor cakes for my inadequacies by turning your back on them.  Sure what did a little bit of cake ever do on you, eh? Well, apart from tip the scales in the wrong direction that is.


  1. Jen says:

    I CANNOT believe you made a typo! Shock! Surely we can have you banned from the interweb or some such for this inexcusable carry-on!

  2. likemamusedtobake says:

    There were rumours of beheading or a similar grizzly ending but I like your option, a little less messy :D

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