Are yiz listening down the back?

Well, are yiz?  I thought I might impart a little knowledge onto you lucky, lucky people today.  Now, I may just be a big thicko for not figuring this one out all by myself but when I spied Kevin Dundon on the Afternoon Show a couple of years ago and he gave out this little gem of information I was agog at it’s simple brilliance.  I couldn’t tell you what he was baking on that particular day but I have never forgotten this little tip and it has saved me much time and hair pulling since.

I bake mostly round cakes, don’t ask me why, I just do.  Most cakes call for baking tins to be lined with grease proof or parchment paper to avoid having to chisel them off the bottom when cooked.  I used to end up all in a tangle with paper, tin, pencil and scissors all on the go at once. I would tear off a ridculously large piece of grease proof paper, place the baking tin on top, draw around the shape of said baking tin with pencil whilst battling back the corners that kept curling uncontrollably, cut a circle (a rather wonky circle) using the pencil line as a guide and finally place my paper into the tin and berrate myself about the areas where I had obviously strayed very far away from the line.

That was the sad scenario I faced until that glorious afternoon when Kevin Dundon saw fit to impart his knowledge onto the Irish viewing public.  So here it is for you lovelies to either say, “ah sure I knew that already, a chimp could figure that out”, or, “sing Hosanna’s my cake tin lining prayers have been answered”.

1.  Cut a piece of grease proof paper slightly bigger than the tin you are lining.

2.  Fold in half.

3.  Fold in half again to form a small square.

4.  Fold in half diagonally to give a triangular shape.

5.  Fold in half again if required to give a long, thin triangle.

6.  Place the point of the triangle roughly in the centre of the tin and press down at the outer edge of the paper to mark where to cut.

7.  Remove from the tin and cut along the crease near the outer edge.

8.  Open out the folds and you should have a perfect circle to fit into the bottom of the tin. Et voila!


  1. likemamusedtobake says:

    I'm glad I am not the only one who hadn't thought of this all on my lonesome. And now the student has become the master tee hee hee. I think that is my only pearl of baking wisdom so lets hope Mr Dundon enlightens me further soon. :D

  2. likemamusedtobake says:

    Keep meaning to try it out too but always forget. Also want to add to my silicone bakeware collection but think I need to extend the kitchen before I do that as I have no where to put it all. : (

  3. likemamusedtobake says:

    That is exactly what I thought when the lovely Kevin bestowed this knowledge unto me. It has saved me so much time over the last couple of years and I no longer have to battle with sheets of grease proof paper to get them to sit on the bottom of a baking tin.

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