Normal Service Will Resume Shortly, I Hope!

I am currently typing this post from my death bed.  OK, OK, death bed is a bit dramatic but I feel like I should be in some form of bed.  I have been stricken down (yet again, and less than 2 months since my last bout of illness) by a particularly bad asthma induced cough.  I blame Iceland and it’s feckin’ ash spewing volcano for my current state but sure where does blame ever get you, eh?  Anyhoo, I am on day 5 of the most horrendous barking cough and in the last 48hrs have had approximately 5 hours sleep.  My body is now in a degree of pain that quite frankly I could do without and goes into spasm with every little cough.  You would think that that would be enough for one person, but oh no, to add insult to injury my nose has decided to react to some sort of air borne allergen and is suitably swollen and painful.  As you can imagine, all of the above has left me with no inclination to enter the kitchen let alone whip up a batch of something lovely, and as I also have no appetite I’m shagged if I’m gonna sit back and watch someone else scoff the lot.  I have therefore made the executive decision to give my apron the week off and I shall return to baking next week.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I’m off now to do a bit more coughing, sure why not, it’s not like I haven’t already done a years worth this week. *cough cough*


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